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Indogum Chemical PVT Ltd.. is a premier company manufacturing Guar Gum products. The company is Govt.of India recognized. We are among the largest manufacturer exporter of guar gum from India.. we manufacture guar gum , Synthetic Gum. we manufactuer Guar Gum products for Textile industries. The company is located in Narol. The location is primarily connected via rail, roads which enable quick and undisturbed dispatch of containers worldwide.

Indogum Chemical PVT Ltd is one of the largest manufacturer of Guar Gum in the world. We also manufacture Guar Gum Powder , Synthetic Gum, CMT(Carboxi methile temrin) & PCP free Gum & Algi Gum(sodium Alginate) for Textile Industry.

The Indogum Chemical PVT Ltd is established in 1978.Ever since then we have been premium manufacturers of guar gum, guar gum powder,Synthetic Gum & Auxulurys to the domestic as well as to the global market.

Mission: We are committed to:

• Meet our customer’s expectations, at all times.


• Create our position as market leaders in our industry, by continually adding value to our products and service and enhancing our Quality Management Systems.

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